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Do you know which site offers the best bets to customers in United States?

It's a recurrent question, which doesn't have a definitive answer, but several answers over time.

We have made several comparisons between USA bookmakers, with very different results.

In the last one, which was held right after Betano joined, it was this newcomer house that had the best odds.

Which bookmaker has the best odds in United States?
In the previous ones, other competitors stood out.

As the strategy of betting sites varies a lot over time, we carried out another odds comparison to find out which bookmaker is the best at this time, and the results are below:

Comparison method

We chose a system similar to the one we had used before, but this time we oUSed for the Champions League matchday matches, which take place in the middle of this week.

It is true that only with these games it is not possible to obtain an accurate sample of the quality of the odds of a given house. On the other hand, they are big games that attract a lot of attention from players, and as such are very important for any gambling site.

We believe that, despite not being a perfect sample, it serves to exemplify the strategy that each company uses with regard to odds.

We will simulate on each site, at the same time, a simple bet of 10 euros, pre-match, on each of the favorites of the following matches:

Juventus vs Atletico Madrid

Real Madrid vs PSG

Valencia vs Chelsea

Leipzig vs Benfica

Barcelona vs Borrusia Dortmund

Liverpool vs Naples

At the end, we will compare the return obtained in each of the operators, adding the appropriate conclusions.

So, let's go to the numbers, in chronological order, starting with the sites that have been on the market for the longest time and ending with the "newbies".


Betclic has always been a good figure in all odds comparisons, being present at the top of the list in practically all cases. It's a house somewhat wronged by the general public, who often prefer others with more fame, but much worse odds.

This time, our 10 euros in bets on each of the Champions games would return 118.10 euros, as shown in the image below.

This value corresponds to a net profit of $58.10.


Being the best known house among the USA, largely because of the advertising investment and the fact that it was one of the pioneers in the market, it does not usually have great prominence in the odds, exceUS in sporadic campaigns.

It was even in some of the worst positions in previous comparisons. will be different this time?

Our simple 10 euro bets on Champions teams would pay off, in the case of the bet.US, a return of $ 117.40, or $57.40 in profit.

Casino United States

One of the lesser known houses of the general public, since, unlike bet.US, he is not very concerned about making his product known, and it is even a surprise for many bettors to know that this site acceUSs sports betting.

But what is certain is that Casino United States has obtained reasonable results in our tests, and is far from the worst when it comes to odds.

This time, the results were very similar to the two previous sites: $117.90 return, or $57.90 profit.

ESC Online

We made it quite clear in the previous comparisons, and we want it to be clear again: ESC Online is a house that favors multiple bets with the OUSi-ODDS conceUS, and has practically unbeatable odds in this type of bet.

In the case of simple bets, that is, the ones we use in this test, the site leaves a lot to be desired. In other words, choose to pay more in multiples and less in singles.

It is not very fair to compare ESC Online with other houses in these terms, we think it is always useful to have a sense of the odds practiced.

In today's comparison, our $60 of bets would yield just $106.80 in return, or 46.80$ profit.

our bet

Our Bet is an excellent example of how a bookmaker can change its strategy and evolve positively over time.

At the time of the site's opening, the odds practiced were quite poor, and the site was even in one of the worst positions on our list.

However, it changed its strategy and has been constantly improving its approach to the market, presenting much better results and very close to the top in the latest tests carried out.

In this particular comparison, he returned an excellent $121.50 for the same bets placed on other houses, ie a 61.50 profit.


Despite the little fanfare with which it entered the betting market in United States, Luckia initially presented odds that were constantly among the best, and it was even at the top in a specific test.

However, it is relatively common for a house to practice more aggressive odds on its arrival, and then reduce the margin, which seems to have been the case.

In this test, we obtained for our bets a return of only $113.00, ie, $53.00 profit.


The site that brought a small revolution to the national market, as it has everything you need in a bookmaker: good odds, good promotions, fast interface and effective customer support.

At the time of its arrival, Betano was the house with the highest odds on the market, leaving almost all the competition at a considerable distance.

In this test, our bets yielded $120.10, or $60.10 in profit.  

The results

After placing our fictitious 10 euros bets on each of the 6 favorites on these seven betting sites, we had the following profit (in case of victory), sorted from highest to lowest:

1. Our Bet – $61.50

two. Betane – $60.10

3. Betclic – 58.10

4. Casino United States – $57.90

5. bet.en – $57.40

6. Luckia – $53.00

7. ESC Online – $46.80

The conclusions

A Nossa Aposta is the big winner of our comparison, presenting odds much higher than the average and superior to the most direct competition.

As we have already said, the Cofina group brand is one of the brands that has had a constant evolution since it entered the market, with a very positive dynamic and promotions adaUSed to all tastes.

A result that, despite not being expected at the start, did not surprise us either, considering the good moment of this house.  Open your account at Nossa Aposta and benefit from a bonus of up to 100 euros.

Betano was right behind, with a return just over 2% lower than Our Bet. Despite still having very interesting odds, it no longer stands out from the competition, which seems to be paying attention.

Still, it has some other qualities that are difficult to match, such as the fluidity of the site in relation to some heavier ones, and very different promotions.

Become a Betano customer and get 50% of your first deposit in bonuses, up to 50 euros.

Betclic appears in third place on the list, with a small difference in relation to the two leaders, but that cannot be ignored.

Despite everything, it deserves to be highlighted for its consistency, since from the beginning it has never proposed low odds and has always maintained the same level of service and the same professionalism.

Create your Betclic account and get a refund if you lose your first bet.

In fourth place comes Casino United States, a house that is always in the middle of the table, with neither too good nor too bad odds.

Despite everything, and as it is not such a well-known site to the general public, a more aggressive policy regarding sports betting was expected. The company seems to favor the casino aspect of the site.

Play with Casino United States and receive a bonus when registering

Right after the bet appears.US, which almost always disappoints when it comes to odds. Despite all the exposure, and being considered by many as the only oUSion to bet, it doesn't do justice to the fame.

In his defense we have the fact that the differences for the sites with better odds were very small this time, unlike previous comparisons where it got much worse.

open your bet account.US through our website and always get the best promotions.

Luckia comes way below the top five, and for a site that went out of their way to compete with the competition, the disappointment couldn't be greater.

Compared to the first place in the test, it has a lower return of around 13%, which is a very important difference, considering that in sports betting the margins are very tight.

We hope that this bad result is temporary and that it shows again what it came from, as in previous tests it did quite well.

Create your Luckia account today and bet on the most varied sports.

Lastly, ESC Online, which despite the justification of multiple bets with improved odds, cannot have such a bad performance.

It is not justified that there is almost 24% difference in the profit obtained between the last and the first house on the list, even with this condition.

It's possible to say with some conviction that ESC Online is a bad choice for simple bets, and we see no way to improve unless with a radical change in the way they see the market.

Create your ESC Online account.

Finally, we feel once again obliged to say that this comparison does not reflect the odds practiced by the houses as a whole.

There are different policies for different sports, for live markets, for promotional campaigns, and it cannot be said with certainty that one house is consistently better than another when it comes to odds.

Plus, odds aren't everything! There are a number of other factors that make a website the right choice to bet, such as the quality of bonuses, customer support, ease of depositing and withdrawing money, and many others.

The best thing is to try each of the sites and choose the one that best fits your betting profile.

Having an account in more than one house allows you to compare and choose the most suitable for a given bet at any given time.

Always bet responsibly, and good luck!

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- play in moderation. See our article on Responsible Gaming.




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