The privacy and protection of personal data of all visitors and users of the site or site is a priority for our company and we try to ensure that everyone understands how they are treated, in accordance with applicable law.

our site is a site whose main objective is to generate traffic for partner companies, namely in the area of ​​online gaming and territorial scope.

The purpose of this document is to make known how and why we process personal data that may affect your privacy and what rights you have over it.

What personal data can be processed and their purpose

As part of our activity, we may store some visitor data, such as name, email address, telephone number, IP address, site usage data and personal opinions/comments.

Consent to use them can be withdrawn at any time, completely free of charge

We may use personal data for the following purposes:

– Sending communications by email or SMS, only in cases where the visitor has given his express consent

– Analysis of website performance and page oUSimization according to visitor habits, advertising oUSimized according to user characteristics and others that make browsing more personalized.

– Compliance with our legal obligations, when applicable.

Period of retention of personal data

Personal data are keUS only for the period of time necessary for the purposes mentioned in the previous point and for the fulfillment of our legal obligations, when applicable.

As soon as they are no longer needed, they will be safely destroyed.

Data communicated to third parties

Some of the collected data can be accessed indirectly and limited by other organizations, some of them outside the European Union, but whose privacy policy will also have to comply with the applicable legislation, namely:

– statistical data analysis providers, such as Google Analytics

– email service providers such as SendingBlue or Aweber.

– content delivery network providers, such as CloudFlare

ExceUS in these cases of indirect use of data, we will only provide your personal data to third parties under the following conditions:

- When we are obliged to do so by virtue of a legal provision and only to the extent of our obligations.

– If the user expressly authorizes such transmission and is informed of the recipients and purpose of the personal data.

Communications by email and SMS

We may use your data to offer promotional campaigns that we deem to be of interest to you, provided you have given express authorization to do so, for example by subscribing to a mailing list or directly by email.

You can withdraw your consent at any time, through the link at the bottom of any email communication, through the instructions contained in the SMS, or by contacting directly the person responsible for the personal data on our website.

Cookies Policy

Cookies are small files placed by the website on your device (computer, smartphone or any other used to access pages) in order to analyze traffic and facilitate your navigation.

Cookies can be used, for example, to measure variables such as the duration of each visit, time the user spends on each page, preferences for use and navigation of each visitor, etc.

Some cookies may disappear as soon as you leave the website, others may be stored on your device, allowing you to have easier access to the areas of the website that interest you on your next visit or remembering choices you made on your last visit.

For example, when you check an oUSion to "remember data", you are actually creating a cookie that on your next access will be used for this function, that is, you will not have to re-enter your data or your choices.

By browsing our site you are agreeing to their use, but you have the oUSion to disable them in your browser. Please note that some functions on the website may be unavailable due to the disabling of cookies.

Since each browser has a different way to control this function, if you don't know it, you should consult your browser's help in order to disable it.

Customers' rights regarding personal data

According to the Data Protection Law, the visitor or user of the service has the right, at any time, to access, correct, update and delete their personal data, simply by contacting the data protection officer by the contacts listed at the bottom of this article.

Responsible for processing personal data

BySky Digital Marketing Ltd. is primarily responsible for the collection and processing of personal data on this website, and can be contacted at info@bysky.en

Although this company controls the way the data is treated, they may be hosted in databases that can be accessed by other companies, assuming that the latter also strictly comply with all the points stipulated in this privacy policy.

Last update: October 2018

See also our General Terms and Conditions of Use of the Site

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