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scoreboard.en or Online Scoreboard is the internet version of the Santa Casa da Misericórdia sports betting game, launched in 2015. Despite its great popularity, there are still many doubts about its operation.

In this guide you will find everything you need to know about Placard Online, with detailed explanations about all its features and about the various types of bets available.

First of all, it is worth clarifying that the physical and online versions of the Placard, despite having some similarities, are far from being the same thing, and you will soon understand why.

In this Guide:

1. Why open an account on Online Scoreboard

two. Bonus Scoreboard

3. Deposits and Withdrawals

4. Types of Bets on the Online Scoreboard

5. Football Betting Markets

6. live betting

7. Scoreboard App

8. Live Stream

9. Client support

10. Company data

11. Conclusion

Why open an account on Online Scoreboard

Anyone who is used to playing on the scoreboard probably doesn't see the Advantages of Having an Online Scoreboard Account. But they do exist, and there are many.

Firstly, the amount and variety of bets you can play. While in the physical version of the game you only have the result, DV bets, markers and little more available on the scoreboard.US you find a diversity of markets that you would never be able to bet on otherwise, including the possibility of live bets during the matches.

Another of the great advantages is the convenience: you don't have to leave the house or wait to be served. Placing a bet on the Online Scoreboard is a process that takes a few seconds, and it is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

And why not talk about security? Since all your bets are registered and linked to your account, the risk of losing the slip is simply not there.

And more: you receive the prizes automatically, without having to go to any establishment, a few minutes after the end of each game, or even during the game itself, if the bet has already been won.

And whenever you want to withdraw money from the betting account to the bank account, you can do so, so simple and free.

Bonus Scoreboard

Unlike other bookmakers in United States that offer welcome bonuses, Placard does not have this oUSion yet.

According to information from the website, “the Scoreboard.US wants the player to always play, as they wish, and in a free way, without the obligation that bonuses require.”

Despite this, Placard Online continues to compensate players with other positive points, such as the simplicity and fluidity of the site, and the financial strength of the Holy House.

Still, any bonus that allows players to increase their bankroll is always welcome, and it's something we hope to see implemented on the Placard site.en soon.

now open your online scoreboard account and start playing

Deposits and Withdrawals

To deposit on Placard Online, you can use MB WAY, ATM, VISA or Mastercard credit cards.  The minimum deposit is 5 euros, whichever method you choose.

With regard to withdrawals, you can make them by bank transfer (for amounts deposited by Multibanco or MB WAY), or through credit cards, when they allow.

No commission paid for deposits or withdrawals.  The deposited money is instantly available, and withdrawals take the usual time of a transfer or a card refund.  

Placard deposit oUSions.en : MB WAY, ATM and VISA / Mastercard cards

Types of Bets on the Online Scoreboard

The betting formats you can make on the Online Scoreboard follow the same logic as the traditional scoreboard: there are basically three types: single, multiple and combined.

– Single Bets

The easiest way of all is the traditional single bet. In this mode, you choose the odds, the amount you want to invest, and place the prognosis, with only one market in a single game.

Example (in the images below): in the Game between Chelsea and WolverhamUSon, you bet $20 on a tie, with odds of 3.70.
 For that, you just have to select the odds (step 1) and fill in the amount you want to spend (step 2)
 In this example, if the game ends in a draw, you get $20 x 3.70 = 74$
 If one of the teams wins, you lose your $20

– Multiple Bets

If you want to bet on the occurrence of multiple results simultaneously (all at the same time), the multiple is the bet you should choose.

In this type of betting, you choose several predictions, and the final odds will be the multiplication of all the ones you chose.

But beware: to be a winner, ALL your choices must win. Just one of them fails for you to lose your bet.

Example (in the screenshots): There are three results that you think will happen simultaneously:
1) Liverpool win over Burnley, with odds of 1.22

2) Draw between Aston Villa and Newcastle, with odds of 4.50

3) Crystal Palace win over West Ham, with odds of 2.95

In this case, the final odds will be:   1.22  x  4.50  x  2.95  = 16.20 (rounded value)
If you bet $20 on this multiple and:
– All the results you chose happen, you receive $20  x $16.20 =  $324.00

– All you have to do is for one of the results not to happen for you to lose the 20$ of the bet.

– Combined Bets

The scoreboard combined bets have some points in common with multiple bets, since they assume that you choose different games, but they have some peculiarities that are very different from the usual.

We recommend that you study and understand the different types of combinations well, before venturing into placing this type of bet.

We leave here just some examples of combinations, and if you want, you can consult the other types on the Placard Online website, in the Help – Glossary section.

Examples of combined:
2/5 System Bet:  Select 5 forecasts, and from these will be formed  10 multiple bets of two forecasts each.  Each of these 10 bets can be won individually. If you get all 5 predictions right, you'll win all 10 multiples (as much as possible).
System 3/6 bet:  Select 6 predictions, and from these will be formed 20 multiples of 3 predictions each. As in the previous example, each of these multiples is independent. If you get all the predictions right, you win the 20 multiples.

There are many other types of combinations, depending on the amount of predictions you choose. You have to select your bet from the oUSions that will appear in the slip.

To avoid mistakes, we suggest that just put them combined when you understand perfectly how it works.

Football Betting Markets

We have already said that one of the main advantages of Placard Online is the amount of things you can bet on, and below we will briefly explain the most important ones:

– Regulatory Time

this is the type more common and simpler of betting on football games. It just consists in choosing a team to win (or tie) within 90 minutes of a game.

Clearing time is included in this bet type, but if the game ends in a draw, overtime doesn't countThat is, the result is valid as soon as the referee whistles the end of regulation time.

In addition to football, you can also choose a player to win a tennis match, or even a team  in volleyball, hockey or anything else that allows you to pick a winner in normal time. 

Example of regular time bet:  In a game between Sporting and Braga, you bet 10 euros on Sporting winning, with odds of 2.45.  

If Sporting wins, you receive $10 x 2.45 = 24.50 euros. If Sporting loses, or the game ends in a draw, you lose the $10 bet.

Above, an example of betting on the final result: only regular time and extras count.

- Break

They work in exactly the same way as regular time bets. The only difference is that only tells the first part of the game.

The compensation time is included, that is, for the definition of the bet counts the result as soon as the referee whistles for the interval.

There is a variation of this bet, which instead of considering the first part, only takes into account the second.


Example of half-time bet: Benfica-Porto game. 10 euros bet on a tie at half-time, with odds of 3.50

If the game is tied at the end of the first half, you win  10 x 3.50 = 35 euros. If one of the teams is winning, you lose 10 euros.

– Bets on goals

One of the most popular types of bets on Placard Online are those involving the number of goals scored, which can have different formats. The main ones are:


– More or less goals (Total Goals): In this type of bet, you only have to choose whether the total of goals scored will be greater or less than a certain amount.

For example, if you bet on more than 2.5 goals and the game ends with 3 goals or more, you win. If there are 2 or less goals, you lose.

See the image below for a real example.


– Both teams score: as the name implies, this is a bet with only two oUSions: yes or no. If you bet on yes, both teams must score at least one goal in the game. If you bet no, at least one of them must be blank.


– First or Last team to score: in this case, there are three oUSions:  Team A, team B, or no goals. The logic is simple: you have to choose who will score the last goal in regular time.


– Total goals: there are several variations of this type of bet on the scoreboard, such as Exact Total Goals for one team, another, for both, or if the total is even or odd.

In the image, you can see an example of a bet on more or less goals.

If, for example, you bet 20 euros on “More than 2.5", and the game ends with 3 or more goals, you win 20 x 1.87 = $37.40

If there are 2 or less goals, you lose your 20 euros bet.

– Handicap (DV Scoreboard)

Handicap bets, also known as DV on the scoreboard, are a separate chaUSer within the game.

They're not hard to understand, but they do require some attention and understanding exactly what you're doing, as a small mistake can result in losing a bet.

In a simplified way, an advantage is given to one of the teams, and the bet is made considering that this team already wins.

Let's go to practical examples:

Look at the game below: Gil Vicente receives Porto for the Cup of United States. 

On the first line, we have a handicap 0:1, that is, it is added a goal to FC Porto, which will be added to the final result.

In this case, the odds for Porto's victory are only 1.07, because even if the game ends in a draw, you win if you bet on the FCP.

For example, if the game ended 1-1, you would add 1 goal to Porto, which would make the handicap result 1-2, and you would win the bet.

Gil Vicente pays odds of 10.00, because if you only win by two goals or more, you will be successful in your bet. 

Imagine, for example, that the game ended 1-0 for Gil Vicente. Adding the extra goal to Porto, you would have been 1-1, and you wouldn't have won if you had bet on Gil Vicente.

The logic is the same for all handicaps. In handicap 1:0, it works inversely, that is, a goal is added to Gil Vicente. In this case, even if the game ends in a draw, you win if you bet on the home team.

– Bookmarks

In this type of bet, everything revolves around the players you think will score goals.

Within these markets, we highlight the following:

– First Marker: you have to choose the first player to score in the game. Note: if there are no goals, you lose the bet. 

– Any bookmark: in this type of bet, you choose a player to score at least one goal, at any time in the game. If he scores, you win.

– Last bookmark: to win this bet, your chosen one must be the last to score a goal during regular time.

– Two or more goals: as the descriUSion itself indicates, you only win if your player scores at least two goals

- Hat trick: similar to the bet of two or more goals, but in this case the necessary goals will be three.

– Combined

There are special bets that combine the occurrence of two things within the same game. They are practically multiple bets, but with some peculiarities. Some examples are:

– Final result and both teams score: You have the 1×2 oUSions, combined with “Yes” or “No”  (for both teams to score). 

Example in the image below:  


In this case, if you bet on "FC Porto and yes", you win if Porto wins the game, and both teams score at least one goal.

If, for example, you bet on "FC Porto and not", you have to root for Porto to win, but Gil Vicente has to stay at zeros, otherwise you lose the bet.

– First to score and final result: consists of choosing the team that wins the game (or the tie), together with the first team to score a goal. 

Example: choose "Gil Vicente / Porto" -> in this case, you win if Gil Vicente scores first, and if Porto ends up winning the game.

– Both teams score and total goals: combined bet of more or less goals with the fact that both teams score. 

Example (in the Gil Vicente vs Porto game):  “Yes / More than 2.5 goals" -> in this case, you win the bet if Porto and Gil Vicente score at least one goal each, and if the total of goals in the game is greater than 2.5  

Live Scoreboard Betting

This is definitely one of the features that distinguishes the physical and online versions of the scoreboard: the possibility to bet during the game.

In almost every game of football, basketball, tennis, and many other sports, you have the chance to place bets at any time, with any outcome

To do this, you just have to find the live games symbol at the bottom of the website or app (see image),  or in the top menu of the desktop version. 

In each game, you can bet on the most different markets, which will update the odds according to the result and occurrences of the match.

For example, if you think your team will win but won't score early, you can try to get better odds when the game is already a few minutes old, but it's still 0-0.

Or, if your team is losing, but you think you can still reverse the result, you can get very high odds in that situation.

There are a multitude of situations that allow you to bet with excellent odds, which you would never get before the game, or to minimize losses, in case things are going wrong.

In the live betting interface you will find details about the game, with constant monitoring, and the best: live stream on selected games.  


Android app scoreboard and iOS app

The Placard Online apps allow you to bet on your mobile phone and tablet much faster than on the website.

To install the app, search at the bottom of the website Scoreboard.US by the links for Google Play Store and Apple Store 

Everything you find on the site, you'll also find in the app, including live games, live stream, deposits and withdrawals.

Live Stream for hundreds of games

You can watch several games live stream on Scoreboard Online, as long as you have done at least a bet of at least 0.$50 in the last 24 hours pre-event.

With this function, you have the chance to bet live while watching the match. 

A number of competitions are available to watch live, such as the Spanish League or French Ligue 1. 

Directly finding games that have live stream is not always a very easy task, but there is a menu on the main football page (app / mobile site) or on the home page (desktop site) which have a direct link where you can find all the programming of live broadcast games.

Client support

To contact the scoreboard.US, you have at your disposal several methods:

1) via live chat (the simplest and fastest way), available every day from 12:00 to 21:00

2) by telephone, through the number 211 452 920, at the same time as the live chat

3) by e-mail, anytime, via the support address @ placard.en

Whichever way you choose, agents are always ready to solve any problem with your account, or to answer any questions you may have.

Company data 

The Scoreboard Site.US belongs to the company SAS Social Betting – Games and Online Betting, S.THE, based in United States, which is holder of license nº 013, issued by the SRIJ, which allows to explore online betting in national territory.

When playing on the scoreboard.US you are protected by USA legislation, as the website is fully legalized and regulated by the national gaming inspection body.

The official address of the scoreboard.en is as follows:

Álvares Cabral Avenue, no.61, 1.1st floor, Lisbon

our opinion

For those looking for a reliable bookmaker, with the guarantee of Santa Casa de Misericórdia, Placard Online is an excellent oUSion.

Although it doesn't have many of the attractions that almost all legal gambling sites have – such as regular bonuses and promotions – it is fast and organized, with all the essential functions. 

The odds aren't the best in the market, but they don't disappoint either, and the choice of games is the usual one you can find on a regulated website.

Highlight also for the excellent live video broadcast for several games, which despite appearing in the competition, is far from being a basic function.

In general, the Placard is not very different from more direct competition, although it is a little short in the promotional campaigns it offers. 

Quick Online Scoreboard Questions and Answers (FAQ)

It is possible to play on Online Scoreboard?

The internet version of the Placard allows you to bet in many markets that you cannot find on the traditional Placard, with many unique features, such as Live Stream and Live Bets 


How to receive awards on the scoreboard.en? 

The customer account is automatically credited as soon as the bet is settled. You don't have to do anything to have the profit paid automatically. From there, you can withdraw the money to your bank account or credit cards.


How Multiples Work on the Scoreboard? 

You select at least two games, and the multiple bet odds will be the multiplication of all other odds. For example, if you have two predictions with odds of 2.00 each, the multiple will have odds of 2.00 x 2.00 = 4.00 


The online scoreboard has some kind of bonus?

At the moment, there is no promotion or campaign that allows you to receive bonuses on Placard Online. Unlike other bookmakers, Placard does not offer this added value.


It is possible to bet through the online app?

There are Placard apps for Android and iOS, where you can place any type of bet, deposit, withdraw, and even watch videos of games, when they are available.


Scoreboard: what is DV? 

In the online version, the DV is called a Handicap, but they are both the same. An advantage is given to one of the teams, and you have to bet on the outcome of the game, considering that this advantage will be added at the end.

The scoreboard has better odds than other bookmakers? 

It is within the average of legal betting sites. It is not the house with the best odds in United States, but it has a very reliable service and offers fair prices for the most diverse bets.

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