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If you are a frequent multiples bettor, you probably already know about ESC Online's new offer, but if you don't, you may be losing (or not winning) a lot of money with your multiples.

The conceUS is totally different from the traditional one, and for regular single bet players it can even be quite confusing, but for those who are in the habit of placing multiple bets, especially with a lot of choices, it can make all the difference. Let's try to explain how all this “confusion” works:

Odds presented are not for single bets.

What immediately catches your attention on the ESC Online website is the fact that you click on any odds and they change when they appear in the newsletter. At first glance it looks like a mistake, but you'll realize that it's not.  As you can see in the example below, the price shown for the victory of Athletic Bilbao is 3.00, but when you click on the odds, the bulletin will show only 2.66

What happens is that ESC Online chooses to present the odds as if they were for a multiple of two choices, and from there they can go up (if you add more choices) or they can go down if you just choose a single bet. This information is clearly visible on the website, at the top of any odds board and also on the bet slip.

You may have already noticed that the advantage of ESC Online starts when you add more and more choices to your newsletter. For example, let's randomly simulate a multiple with 5 choices and compare the difference between the displayed odds and the odds for singles. Starting from the same table, let's choose all the visitors to the games and see what happens with the original odds:

Note that the odds for each of the choices increased by just over 2%, which seems small, but it's not. Because by multiplying all the odds, you will have a combination of 1584.60 for every euro wagered.  In other words, a bet of 10 euros on this choice would yield 15.846 euros.

On the other hand, if you used the original odds, you would get a combination of 1418.51 or 14.185 euros in case of agreement.

In other words, the difference between these two scenarios is around 1661 euros more for a bet of 10 euros. What at first seemed little turns into a very reasonable amount.

And the competition has better odds?

And now, as a smart gambler that you are, you should be asking yourself what the payoffs are, since in the betting world there seem to be no great miracles.

And the answer is simple: ESC online lowers the price of singles in favor of multiples. It's not that the difference is abysmal, but we noticed a trend of better odds in the competition when it comes to traditional betting. But in this case, the multiples don't end up paying less either?  We didn't know either, but we went to compare. And below is the answer.

We went to the ESC Online website and chose Liga USAa, which is in theory the market where operators should have more similar odds. As we only had four games from the first league available, we decided to combine some games from the second league as well.

On ESC Online, as you can see in the image below, the combined odds are 208.78 and our bet will pay off 4175.60 euros in case of hit

In turn, BET.US, the most popular site among USA bettors, offers odds of 155.33 for the same bet, that is, a return of 3106.60 euros

Betclic pays exactly 137.12 euros for every $1 bet. The same bet of 20.00 would pay in this case 2742.40 euros

Casino United States, the newest national betting site, is right behind with odds of 136.62 and return from 2732.33 euros

And why not compare it to the scoreboard too? The only offline offer among USA betting sites is one that pays less, by a large difference. In this case, the Santa Casa game would give odds of 127.84 and a return of  only 2556.80 euros 

So let's go to the summary

Some conclusions to draw:

Please note that this study was carried out completely randomly on the day this article was created. The games were chosen at random (in this case, the first ones on the list) and were not compared to any other games in terms of return.

The difference that is presented in this article may not be the same in other choices, but in general, it's pretty easy to conclude that ESC Online is by far the best USA site to bet on Multiples.

But not everything is perfect

The other side of the coin has to do with simple bets. While it is true that multiples are much more attractive in ESC online, practically all singles were below the competition (even though Placard had two games with lower odds than ESC).

The exceUSion was the bet with odds of 1.18 , which still beat the competition. This is easily explained by the fact that oUSi-odds only start working after a certain limit (we think it's 1.20). The technical explanation for OUSi-odds is available on the ESC Online website, but it's so confusing it's probably not worth reading. Just consult the odds, and that's perfectly fine.

If you don't have an ESC Online account yet, you can take advantage of two sensational promotions: 10 euros totally free, no deposit required or 3 free bets of 10 euros each when you make your first bet of 10$

If you're convinced, you can start earning more with your multiples today.

ESC Online

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