Betting with PaySafecard has always been one of the most popular choices among USA bettors. For being fast, safe, and above all, avoid bank movements, Paysafecard has thousands of fans in the country. Know here which sports betting sites and casinos allow you to deposit using this card.   

ESC Online

One of the most popular sites in United States, ESC Online allows you to deposit with PaySafecard for sports betting and to play in the spectacular ESC Casino.

To withdraw money, you will have to use your bank account, since this is the only payment method available at this bookmaker. 

Excellent bonuses for new sports and casino customers.


Bet on sports and slot machines with Paysafecard at Betclic.

One of the most complete bookmakers and with the best offer in casino games, Betclic also acceUSs this practical payment method.

Also take advantage of the great welcome bonus that Betclic has to offer. good bets!


Use PaySafecard to deposit at Solverde, and play sports or casino games. Solverde is one of the most traditional and secure sites in the online betting market.

O minimum you can deposit by this method is 10 EUR.

Withdrawals must be made by bank transfer. 


Place sports bets or play at Casino Luckia with your PaySafecard.

O minimum amount that you can put into your account are 10 euros, and withdrawals are also available.

Luckia is one of the newest licensed sites in United States, and has odds for all popular sports, slots games, roulette and blackjack.


Play with Paysafecard at Betway, from 1 euro. Online Betting and Casino with Paysafe. 

Excellent bonuses for new customers, on a secure and legalized site.

Withdrawals by the same method. 

Casino United States

Use PaySafecard at Casino United States, both for betting and slot games.

You can also withdraw via Paysafecard, provided you have used it for depositing. Commission free deposits and withdrawals. 

What are the advantages of using PaySafecard for betting?

PaySafecard is a simple and discreet way to gamble, as it does not require any bank transactions. This virtual card is available at numerous retail points, which you can find on the official website of the card.

For example in United States all points Payshop have the oUSion of selling the Paysafecard.

There are two purchasing methods: at the points that only sell the traditional Paysafecard, you pay directly with cash (10, 20, 50 or 100 euros) and you get a printed code, which you enter online into your myPaysafecard account, to receive the balance.

At the points of sale myPaysafecard, you can generate unique QR codes in your app, you show the merchant, pay, and the account is topped up without having to do anything else. In this case you can load up to 250 euros.

When you have your account loaded, all you have to do is choose Paysafe as the payment method on the betting sites, login to your myPaysafecard account, and authorize. The logic is the same as with Paypal, for example. 

You must have realized by now that the main advantage of this payment method is that you don't have to use a bank account, a credit card, or anything similar.

Basically, it is like betting with cash. 

This will be quite convenient for people who don't have a bank balance, don't use cards, or simply don't want to make betting movements in their bank account. 

And what are the disadvantages?

The main negative point is that, on certain sites, you can't withdraw the money back to your Paysafecard, and have to use the bank transfer for that.

Even if you can, if you want to withdraw the money from your myPaysafecard account, you still have to use your own bank account for the refund. And the process is neither free nor fast.

Another obvious disadvantage is that, when compared to other payment methods, this method is slow and somewhat complicated. If you oUS for example for MB WAY, you can deposit money into the betting account in less than 30 seconds, without leaving the place you are in.

In short, the PaySafecard is a great oUSion for those who really don't want to move their bank account, or don't have that chance. Because in any other case there are much more practical ways to deposit and withdraw in bookmakers. 

Paysafecard Quick Questions and Answers (FAQ)

Can I use Paysafecard at licensed bookmakers?

Some bookmakers and casinos, such as ESC Online, Betclic, Betway and some others, acceUS Paysafecard as a deposit method for sports betting and slot games.


It is possible to withdraw money via Paysafecard?

There are certain websites that allow you to withdraw from your betting account to your myPaysafecard account. However, if you want to withdraw from there, you always have to provide your bank details, so that Paysafecard can refund your balance.


Paysafecard is safe for gambling?

As long as you take the usual care not to give your user data and passwords to other people, this payment method is perfectly safe. The only way you can lose your money is if you lose the printed code you receive when paying.


Is there any kind of commission or fee for using PaysafeCard?

To deposit and withdraw in the sportsbooks, at. But to take the money off the card and receive it on the bank account, there is a fee charged by the company. Check the website of the brand to know the values ​​updated every moment.


Can I use real money for betting? 

It is one of the principles of Paysafecard: you top up your account with real money, not with credit cards, references or transfers. All you need is a registered Paysafe account and to buy codes with cash at the points of sale.


Can I receive the Paysafecard balance at the point of sale?

The retail outlets only provide the codes, but do not pay Paysafecard account balances. For that, you will have to provide your data directly to the brand, which will pay you by bank transfer.


There are specific bonuses for this payment method?

Normally, welcome bonuses from gambling sites can be obtained with any payment method. However, there may be sites that limit bonuses to certain methods, or that encourage customers to use a specific one, through exclusive campaigns.

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