There are several legal bookmakers with Skrill in United States. Skrill is a payment method that allows quick and easy deposits and withdrawals at sportsbook and casino sites. There are many advantages associated with using this method, but before we talk about them, see the list of all licensed sites that acceUS Skrill in United States: 


Skrill is now available at Betano! You can deposit a minimum of 10 EUR and a maximum of 2000 EUR in each transaction.

There are no fees or commissions associated. What you deposit is what you will have in your account to bet. 

At this stage, withdrawals can only be made by bank transfer or credit card.

ESC Online

Make your deposit by Skrill at ESC Online, from 10 Euros, without any kind of commission. Withdraw by bank transfer.

ESC Online is one of the best legalized sports betting and casino sites in United States

Up to $250 bonus for new depositors, both for betting and casino. 

Our Bet

You can deposit and withdraw with Skrill to place bets on sports and the best casino games with Our Bet.

The minimum deposit by Skrill at Our Bet is 10 euros.

As for withdrawals, you can receive them in your Skrill account, provided that you have already used it to make a deposit.

Casino bonus for new depositors, up to 500 free spins.


New at Luckia: Skrill can now be used to deposit and withdraw money from the sports betting and casino site.

Luckia has recently renewed its offer of deposit methods, including several e-wallets, among which Skrill.

The conditions are that you deposit at least EUR 30 or withdraw at least 10, without any commission! 

Casino bonuses up to $1200 for new customers.


Use your Skrill virtual wallet at Betclic, at no extra cost.

Make deposits of at least EUR 10, and withdraw by bank transfer

There are no commissions for deposits or withdrawals at Betclic, and the minimum you can withdraw is $5.

Bonuses up to EUR 50 for new customers.

United Kingdom Casino

Sports betting and slot machines, roulette and blackjack games at Casino United States, with deposits and withdrawals by Skrill.

One of the most traditional legalized sites in United States, allows you to deposit and withdraw any amount by Skrill, without any additional commission. 

Bonuses of up to $100 per week for sports players, and good casino offers.

How to use Skrill to deposit at online gambling sites?

First of all, it is necessary to explain to many gamblers What is SkrillPaypal: the virtual wallet, which allows fast payments on sportsbooks and online casino sites, without any associated commission in the overwhelming majority of cases.

Creating a Skrill account is very easy: you just have to go to the brand's website, register and start using it. One of the cons of the site is that it is not available in USA, but there are several alternatives, including English and Spanish.

What are the advantages of using Skrill as a payment method?

the main one is speed, especially when it comes to withdrawals.

For example, unlike bank transfers, payments fall into the Skrill account immediately, as soon as they are processed by the bookmaker. Whereas payments made to the bank can take up to 3 days if processed over the weekend.

There is also the advantage of using a single wallet for betting, avoiding having dozens of movements filling your bank account statements, and also hiding the data of your cards or bank accounts, as it also happens in the case of Paypal, for example.

With Skrill, you can transfer a larger amount from your bank account to your e-wallet, and from there deposit and withdraw money to online sportsbooks. 

Topping up your Skrill account

There are a number of payment methods you can use to top up the account, including Bank transfer, ATM, Bitcoin, Paysefacard and credit cards. 

However, Skrill charges a small fee for topping up your account which varies depending on your level of activity. The base amount is 1% by any method, but may decrease depending on your activity. Always refer to the pricing available on the Skrill site for full conditions. 

Withdraw funds from your Skrill account 

There are several ways to withdraw or use the funds in your Skrill eWallet: by transferring them to your bank account or credit cards, by shopping online at other merchants, by making ATM withdrawals or by paying with your Skrill Mastercard (see below).

As with deposits, there is also a fee for withdrawing money by transfer, which is currently as low as 5.50 for each withdrawal, but this can be waived or reduced if you have a Skrill VIP account.

there are 4 Skrill VIP levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Diamond, which are awarded according to the accumulated transactions in the previous quarter. Everyone has advantages, for example, at this moment all VIP members from level Silver and up have commission waived for bank transfer withdrawal. But as these conditions may change without notice, please always refer to the terms you can find on the Skrill site. 

Use the prepaid Mastercard associated with your Skrill account

An excellent way to use the funds in your Skrill account is through the Skrill Prepaid Mastercard

This card allows you to pay on the entire Mastercard network in any country, make online purchases and even withdraw money at any of the more than 2 million ATMs worldwide, The only transactions that are taxed are cash withdrawals from ATMs and purchases in currencies other than the account's own. 

However, these fees can also be reduced or even eliminated if you are a member of one of the VIP levels.

The card has an annual maintenance cost, which is currently 10 euros, and also works in Contactless mode at any payment terminal with this function available. 

Skrill also has a virtual card, independent of the prepaid Mastercard, which you can use for online payments, and cancel as soon as you wish. You can also add a new virtual card whenever you want.


Buy and sell Bitcoin from within the Skrill account 

A very interesting feature that has recently been added to the Skrill account is the You can trade cryUSocurrencies from your virtual wallet balance, in a simple and instant way. 

There are several currencies that you can add to your portfolio, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, and many others.

When you buy virtual currency, it stays in a separate wallet, within the same Skrill account, and can be sold as soon as you want, returning the money to your account in Euros. 

Attention: At least until this moment, you cannot withdraw cryUSocurrencies directly from your Skrill account for one e-wallet. You can only "trade" coins, always within the virtual wallet.

What are the disadvantages of the Skrill e-wallet??

You have probably already figured out what Skrill's main problem is: commissions.

Since most transactions within Skrill are free, such as deposits and withdrawals at gambling sites, the process of placing and withdrawing funds can be expensive. This is the price to pay for having a service with so many qualities. 

But as we have already mentioned above, the commissions can have a marked reduction if you are a VIP customer.

And normally Skrill customers transfer a higher amount on each transaction, instead of doing multiple transactions of smaller amounts, greatly reducing the cost associated with commissions.

Another disadvantage (not only of Skrill but of any e-wallet) is the fact that the company is not a bank, but an FCA authorized institution (Financial Conduct Authority) working with electronic money.

So in case of a bankruUScy company (which is unlikely, considering that it is an old and apparently quite solid institution), you run the risk of losing your Skrill wallet funds if you have not withdrawn them. The funds deposited in Skrill, as well as in other e-wallets such as Neteller or Paypal, are not covered by deposit guarantees, like with bank accounts.


Betting with Skrill is quite simple and economical, but not in all cases.

Due to the fees that can be significant for customers who make many in and out movements, this payment method is more appropriate for customers who move larger amounts and do not have the urgency to transfer the money from the Skrill account to the bank account.

It is also very useful for people who are already looking for an international prepaid card, since Mastercard Skrill allows you to make use of funds in the account, in normal everyday transactions, most of the time completely free of charge.

And not least it is the fact that you do not need to disclose bank or credit card details when you make your deposits in the national bookmakers.

If you don't have a Skrill account yet, try it out and see if it's the most suitable payment method for your betting profile.

And if it is not, you have many other payment oUSions, such as



good luck!

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