Sports betting and casino with Luckia: many promotions and bonuses for all players 

Luckia was, until now, a name that said very little to bettors in United States. But in fact she already had several years of success in the online gaming world, namely in Spain, where she comes from. After the neighboring country, the Galicia brand enters United States with the promise of changing the betting market.

Featuring a very fast and dynamic website and a very effective customer support service, it is a safe oUSion for anyone to start their adventure in online betting.

One of the main attractions is the various forms of deposit available, which include, among others, Paypal, Neteller, Skrill and Paysafecard.

How to open an account at Luckia

To create your account and be able to place any type of bet immediately, you will need to access the Luckia  website and correctly fill in all the data on the registration form. You will need your identification number (citizen card or other document), TIN and IBAN of the account you want to send your withdrawals.

Remember not to fill in wrong, duplicate or someone else's data, as in this case you will lose the right to all bonuses and promotions and your account will be blocked, according to the terms and conditions of the site. 

The Bonus Explained

Right now, Luckia has no bonus for sports betting, but it has an excellent casino offer, perhaps the best on the market.

200% of the first deposit, up to a maximum value of 1200 euros.

For example, if you deposit 600 euros, you can play at Casino Luckia slot machines and table games with a balance of 1800 euros, with 1200 in bonuses!

There are also some sports promotions that entitle you to free spins or casino bonuses, which are updated very frequently.

If you are a regular Luckia customer, you will be able to bet and enjoy many campaigns while using the site.

open your Luckia account and receive up to $1200 in casino bonuses

Bet with Luckia

For those who know bet.en , it will be normal to have a kind of “déjà vu” when visiting Luckia's website. 

This is because both sites use exactly the same SBtech betting platform, and what varies are just the odds, available sports, promotions and customer support. 

With a simple and intuitive system used on hundreds of online betting sites, Luckia's interface offers quick access to any type of sport, in-game markets, slots and other casino games, all integrated on the same platform and with a very similar look on desktop and mobile versions.

In Luckia's particular case, the sports offered are the same as in other national houses, that is, those allowed by law. Football has a natural prominence, with hundreds of leagues from the European and world first and second divisions, Champions, Europa league, national team competitions, in short.. pretty much everything you can bet on this sport.

There is also the possibility of betting on many other sports, such as tennis, basketball, handball, hockey, volleyball, and everything else “that moves” in terms of world sport.

live betting

Betting live with Luckia is quite simple, and all football matches, most tennis, basketball, golf and many more are available in a specially dedicated area. 

For those already familiar with live betting, the process is exactly the same as for any other betting site: it's like placing a regular bet, but the odds are always on the move.

With the particularity of having endless betting oUSions throughout any event, live betting is without doubt the most popular on any site, and at Luckia you won't be too bad served. 

LiveStream Luckia

In this first phase, Luckia still does not provide live video for the live events, but it is expected that this will happen within a very short time, as this is a feature that almost all betting sites are implementing, being of great importance. added value to the customer, and it is not to be expected that at Luckia it will be different.

deposit and withdraw money

ATM, Paypal, Neteller, Skrill, Paysafecard and credit cards. This is the list of deposit methods you can use on Luckia's website, and it includes everything you need for the national bettor. 

Nothing is missing, exceUS MB WAY, which can be perfectly replaced by Multibanco, only losing some speed in the deposit process.

All deposits are completely free of commission by the site, and can be made from a minimum amount of 10 euros, exceUS when dealing with Neteller or Skrill. In this case, the minimum you can pay is 30 euros, also without any commission.

As for withdrawals, they can be made using all available oUSions, and the money will be paid by the same method you used to make the deposit. The exceUSion is Multibanco, which does not allow back payments, in which case the money will have to be withdrawn by transfer.

Whenever you withdraw money from Luckia, you do not pay any kind of commission. The minimum amount for withdrawal is 10 euros, by any method.

The deadline given by Luckia until the money is in your bank account is 2-3 business days. As for other methods, for example virtual wallets, this period should be much shorter.

Luckia Promotions

Luckia has excellent campaigns for all its customers, such as the weekly cashback from losses at the casino, which allows you to get every week a part of the money spent on slots and table games, if you lose money. In addition to this promotion, there are still many others in which you can participate, paying attention to the website and communication by email or SMS.

Luckia on your mobile

Opening Luckia's website on your mobile phone or tablet is very similar to what happens on your computer, only with the space limitation that is usual in these devices. 

But the system itself is made so that you have access to exactly all the functions you are used to on your desktop. Deposits, withdrawals, live betting, everything is included in Luckia's mobile version and allows you to bet from anywhere, place last minute bets or even contact customer support to resolve your queries.

Luckia customer support

One of the great assets of Luckia's website is having customer support over the phone, which is rare among national bookmakers. Through a toll-free line (number 800919293) you can solve any problem you have with your account, clear up the most common doubts or even better understand how some promotions and bonuses work.

In addition to the telephone, e-mail and live chat are also available to the player, the latter only works between 9:00 and 23:00

There is also a FAQs section on the site, which allows you to find answers to all the most common questions that may arise while using the betting site.

Company data and security

Luckia website belongs to Luckia United States S.THE., a company based in United States that holds licenses nº 014 (sports) and 015 (casino games) issued by the SRIJ in United States.

When playing at Luckia, you are protected by USA law, as the site is fully legalized and regulated by the national gaming inspection body.

In technological terms, Luckia uses the SBtech platform, one of the most famous names in the online gaming world, which provides the technological basis for hundreds of bookmakers across Europe.

Luckia's contacts are as follows:

household: Avenida António Augusto Aguiar, nº 19 – 4th, Room B, 1050-012 Lisbon
email address: support@luckia.en
telephone: 800 91 92 93

our opinion

For those who already know bet.en, the first visit to Luckia can be something strange: the structure of the site looks exactly the same, with the difference only in the design, which coincidentally has similar colors to the competitor's.

This is explained by the use of the same platform by the two houses, varying only the odds, available markets, campaigns and customer support.

But in the world of online betting, these are exactly the factors that make the difference, as there are only a handful of technology platforms that support the gaming business.

In Luckia's particular case, the experience acquired in the Spanish market counts a lot, which will certainly avoid the same mistakes of some competitors who entered the USA market without the slightest idea of ​​what to do to please players.

Within the limitation of USA law, it is not expected to be very different from competitors, as in the national market everyone is stuck with a tax that continues to limit the odds offered too much.

With a very dynamic structure and customer support that promises to be one of the best, as it has a toll-free number, Luckia arrives to give fight to other houses and once again mess with online betting and casinos in United States.

Quick Luckia Questions and Answers (FAQ)


Luckia is legal in United States?

Yes, the bookmaker is licensed by the SRIJ regulator to operate sports betting and online casino. Playing on Luckia is completely legal and safe, unlike unlicensed sites.

What is the Luckia Bonus Value?

There is currently no sports-specific bonus, but the casino bonus is the best on the market! It's nothing less than 200% of the value of the first deposit, up to 1200 euros. This means that if you deposit 600, you have 1800 in your account to play slots and table games.

What payment methods are available at Luckia?

You can deposit with ATM, Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, Paysafecard, Neteller and Skrill! It will be difficult not to find at least one way to pay tailored to your needs!

Luckia app: exists?

For the time being there is no app available for Android or Apple devices, but you can always play on your mobile phone by opening Luckia's website. It has exactly the same functions as it would have on the desktop site.

Luckia is a secure site?

As with all other licensed bookmakers in United States, Luckia is obliged to comply with what is stipulated in the legislation, ensuring the security of the personal data of customers and deposits.

Luckia has cashout?

At the moment, cashout is not available at Luckia, but it is a function that we hope to see implemented in the near future, as it is one of the attractions of most national bookmakers.

Luckia allows you to limit deposits and gambling?

There are responsible gaming tools that allow you to set limits on your deposits and also the possibility of self-exclusion from the site. See Responsible Gaming links to learn more about the topic.

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