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You want to bet on the Champions League final with almost fair odds?

Betano has come all the way to United States, and proves once again that they are here to offer the best odds on the market.

Today you have the chance to bet on the grand final between Liverpool and Tottenham with the best odds, meaning almost no win for the betting site.

Betano's Super Odds campaign has selected some games in which the house margin is practically zero, meaning that they are competing on equal terms with the site, without the usual disadvantage of 5%, 10% or more in their favor.

At the time of writing, the odds for this game are 4.50/3.80/1.94 , which represents a margin of only 0.08% in favor of Betano. 

For the less experienced, this is equivalent to say that with these odds, for every 100 euros bet, Betano pays on average $99.92 in prizes and you get only $0.08 profit.

The odds are variable and may no longer be these odds at the time you access the site, but Betano promises that they will always be margins close to zero!

If you have been betting for some time, you know that it is very complicated to win money in the long term, exactly because the house always has a mathematical advantage of 5%, 10%, 15% or more in each game. But in these games with Super Odds, that advantage does not exist.

And the best of all is that this campaign is not a bonus, nor is it limited to a very low bet value. They are simply odds increased in the game, without any restriction or rollover requirement. If you win, the money is yours, ready to be withdrawn.

Live the emotions of the Champions final with high value bets in Betano.

Bet in Betano

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