MB WAY revolutionized payments in United States with an app that allows you to pay at various commercial establishments without the need for a physical ATM card.

Casinos and Bookmakers with MBWay
And of course, online bookmakers and casinos quickly joined the novelty.

There are already several betting sites where it is possible to deposit money by MB WAY, for now without any fee, quickly, securely and without any additional complications.

Below is a list of all legal betting sites and casinos in United States that acceUS MB WAY:


MB WAY Betano: use the practical MB WAY betting app, in what is without a doubt one of the best bookmakers in United States. 

The lowest amount you can deposit they are 10 euros and the maximum 5000 at a time.  

To withdraw your profits, you can use a simple bank transfer to your account.

Betano has sports and casino bonuses for new customers.


Use the MB WAY on bet.en to deposit money, which you can later withdraw by bank transfer. There are no costs associated with the site.

The minimum deposit amount by MB WAY is from 10 euros.  

to bet.US is one of the oldest licensed sites in United States, and the choice of most national players.


Deposit by MB WAY at no cost with Betclic. Receive payments directly to your bank account. 

the least you can afford by MB WAY are 10 euros, no extra charge. 

Betclic was the first licensed bookmaker in United States, and belongs to an international group with decades of experience in the online market. 

ESC Online

Deposit by MB WAY from 20 euros, no commission. Bet on Sports and Online Casino.

Minimum deposit amount by MB WAY: 20 euros 

Commissions: 0% for MB WAY deposits 


Bet Online and play Casino with Solverde, and use the MB WAY for your payouts.

Amounts deposited by MB WAY will have to be withdrawn by transfer.

The minimum deposit is 10 euros and the maximum is 2500 on each transaction.


At Betway, MB WAY deposits start at just 1 euro, and you can use your balance in betting or casino.

As you already know, MB WAY does not allow withdrawals, so you can receive your profits through another method.

There are no deposit fees: the amount deposited is the amount that will be available to bet. 

Casino United States

The minimum amount for MB WAY at Casino United States is only 5 euros. Site with a good choice of sports betting and a wide variety of slot machines.

Commissions: 0% for MB WAY deposits


What are the advantages of depositing with MB WAY on betting sites?

The most obvious advantage of all is the ease and speed of the process.

If you are already an MB WAY user, you should know how simple it is to pay with this app, and bookmakers are no different.

All you have to do is provide your mobile number (the first time you deposit), and when you want to make a payment, just enter the amount you want and click OK.

You almost instantly receive a message on your mobile phone, and you just have to open the app, confirm that everything is correct and click OK to complete the transaction.

The money is immediately available in your betting account, ready to be used for sports betting or casino. The entire process takes no more than 15 seconds.

Compared to payment by ATM reference, MB WAY only has advantages and is equally secure.

What for many may not seem important is actually decisive for bettors who prefer live markets.

Sometimes the time it takes to make a deposit can be the determining factor in losing a good betting opportunity.

Especially in the case of players who make several deposits per day, MB WAY is undoubtedly much faster than Multibanco.

And what are the disadvantages of MB WAY?


Not everything is perfect, and MB WAY also has its cons, although relatively small.

The main thing is the possibility that the service will be taxed by banks. As has been reported in recent days,  some banking institutions (not all) are considering starting to charge fees per MB WAY transaction, and this can be a major annoyance for those doing a lot of transactions.

Another problem with the system is the fact that you need to have your mobile phone with you in order to complete the transaction. If you are on a PC or laUSop and your smartphone is without battery or internet connection, you will not be able to complete any MB WAY transactions, which is not the case with traditional home banking.


As you can see, betting with   MB WAY is quite simple and not unlike any other purchase I've used the app for.

If you are already a user, just follow the steps indicated in the article and you will have at hand a very practical method to deposit money at bookmakers.

If you don't have the MB WAY app yet, you can download it from the following links:

Android: MBWAY app on Google Play

apple: MB WAY app on the App Store

Microsoft: MB WAY app on the Microsoft Store

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