Depositing money with Paypal to bet online brings a number of advantages to any player, which we will explain in this article. But not all bookmakers acceUS Paypal as a deposit and withdrawal method.

First of all, here is a list of online gambling sites and casinos licensed in United States that acceUS Paypal:


Pay with Paypal at one of the most popular bookmakers in United States, and use the balance for sports betting, slots or table games.

Minimum deposit amount by Paypal: 10 euros 

Commissions: 0% for deposits.


Deposit with Paypal and place your bets with Luckia on all sports and on Luckia casino, slots and table games. Withdrawals also available to Paypal.

Minimum deposit amount by Paypal: 10 euros 

Minimum survey: not specified

Commissions: 0% for deposits, 0% for withdrawals as long as they are above 25 euros.


You can deposit via Paypal directly to your Solverde account.US, and use in sports or casino.

Any amount between $10 and $500 is acceUSed by the house, both for deposits and withdrawals

You can use the balance normally to play your favorite machines, table games and make sports bets.

There are no commissions on deposits or withdrawals.


The minimum deposit by Paypal at Betway is just 1 euro.

The site also allows withdrawals using the same method.

Use your Paypal balance at one of the best national bookmakers, and also play at Betway online casino.


888 Casino

888 Casino acceUSs Paypal deposits. You can use your balance for all slots, roulette and blackjack games on the site.

Minimum deposit amount by Paypal: 10 euros 

Minimum withdrawal amount by Paypal: not specified

Commissions: 0% for deposits, see site for withdrawals.


Deposit via Paypal at PokerStars, and play Poker and Casino online

Minimum deposit amount by Paypal: 10 euros 

Minimum withdrawal amount by Paypal: not mentioned, see website

Commissions: 0% for deposits, see site for withdrawals.

Casino United States

You can make deposits and withdrawals from your Casino United States account (for sports betting and slot machines) via Paypal.

Minimum deposit amount by Paypal: 5 euros 

Minimum withdrawal amount by Paypal: 20 euros

Commissions: 0% for deposits and withdrawals


What are the advantages of depositing with Paypal on gambling sites?

As almost everyone knows, Paypal is the most popular e-wallet in the world, used in millions of daily transactions on e-commerce sites and the like.

It is therefore expected that millions of USA have a Paypal account and that many of them want to use the balance they already have to bet.

Another obvious advantage is the fact that you don't have to provide your credit card details to the bookmaker, nor do you have numerous betting transactions going through your bank account, which is quite desirable for some punters who don't like to see the your most exposed privacy.

You can, for example, make a single transfer from your account to Paypal, and from there, deposit smaller amounts on betting sites whenever you wish,

Another possibility is to use the profit obtained from betting (on sites that acceUS Paypal withdrawals) to make online purchases, thus preventing the money from leaving your account or card.

Additionally, Paypal is one of the companies that takes customer security more seriously, and has its own department just to deal with fraud and transaction-related issues. Although there is no policy explicitly designed for online gambling and betting, it is usually safer to deposit via Paypal than any other form of payment.

And what are the disadvantages?

there are few. One that stands out is that there aren't many bookmakers that acceUS Paypal, and because of that the money you have in your virtual wallet can only be used on a few sites. If you are the type of bettor who has an account with many different bookmakers, Paypal will not be the most recommended choice for you.

Another is the fact that it does not have immediate liquidity, if you need the money. The funds you have in your Paypal account can only be used for purchases and there is no associated debit card that allows you, for example, to withdraw money directly from your Paypal account. If you want to withdraw the funds, you always have to wait 1 or 2 business days for the amount to be available in your bank account. 

Aside from these few setbacks, Paypal is an excellent choice for betting online, and it's just a pity that more sites don't have it as a deposit and withdrawal method. 

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