Bookmakers Guide

by our site | 26-09-2019

If you've never placed a bet on an online site, or if you are now taking your first steps, it is very important that you take several things into consideration, so that you don't make basic mistakes that can cost you a lot of money.

It's much better to start well informed than to make bets at random and run the risk of having to give up quickly.

Below we list some advice for the less experienced in the world of sports betting:

- Beginner's luck really exists

It's a myth that ends up having some truth to it, not because of superstition but because players who get lucky at the beginning are rarely successful in the future.

Overconfidence is one of the main causes of big losses in online gambling.

Bookmakers Guide
It is much more common to find successful gamblers who started with losses, than the opposite.

How many times have you heard someone say that they have the gift to make money betting?? Believe me, in almost all cases, this is just a good initial phase that disappears sooner or later.

For this reason, start slowly, with small bets, and when you start to have more confidence, think about higher flights.

- Winning is possible, but should not be a goal

You may not know, but more than 95% of gamblers lose money in the long run. Only a very small minority can make any profit consistently, and even then they only do it if they are very disciplined and methodical.

To start betting with the illusion that it can be an easy and profitable task is a sure way to failure.

Betting on sports events (and not only) should be just a recreational activity, which may or may not make some money, but should never be seen as an investment or opportunity.

Always bet with the best odds

- Choose sites you trust

Important when betting is to know exactly the betting rules, the conditions, how you can deposit and withdraw your money.

There are numerous sites where you can bet online, but not all bettors have the same priorities. 

If for some site that has excellent odds is important, for others of the variety of deposit methods or the quality of customer support may be more valuable.

Open an account on more than one site. It is free and allows you to compare the characteristics of each one, and choose the best one for your betting profile.

- Set Limits

A common characteristic of all gamblers is the tendency to bet a larger amount to compensate for a previous loss.

Try not to have this kind of reasoning, set limits and be faithful to your betting method.

Choose a certain maximum value for each game or set the value according to the odds, but make a strict management of your plan, otherwise it will be impossible to make a profit in the long run.

Stop playing for a few days as soon as you reach your pre-set limit, or give yourself a break when you feel you're playing more than you should, and outside your set plan.

Up to 500 bonus plays at the Casino

- Enjoy bonuses and promotions

It's not that bonuses are a priority, nor should they be essential in choosing your favorite site to bet on, but if you pay attention to the rules, you can significantly increase your bankroll with the campaigns offered by bookmakers. 

Especially in the case of new customers, the sites are usually generous and double the first deposits in the form of bonuses, or alternatively offer cashbacks or freebets. Check our list of bonuses from legal online casinos in United States and decide if any of them are suitable for your betting.




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