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Almost all online gamblers, when looking for a new site to open an account, try to get as much bonus amount as possible. But is it worth it? The answer is not as simple as it sounds, and it involves a deeper knowledge of each of the promotions. Let's try to help you understand how it works:

Bonuses are not all the same

First of all, a basic rule: in betting bonuses, not everything that seems to be. As with supermarket and store promotions, the obvious is not always the reality. You must read the terms and conditions to understand how the offers work.

The “risk” associated with bonuses is not being able to meet the conditions that the site requires in time to release the bonus money in order to be withdrawn. In this case, the bonus and profit would be canceled, which is something very unpleasant and should be avoided at all costs.

But let's go to practical examples: the bonuses of the 4 houses licensed to offer sports betting in United States at the moment. We analyzed each of them in detail, and here are the conclusions:

Bonus 1: Betclic (50% up to 50 Euros)

This is a classic type of bonus: The customer deposits, and the house adds balance to the deposit, in this case half the amount.

But will it pay off? Let's go to the conditions of it:

Analyzing more calmly, what at first glance seems like a big deal may not even be. It all depends on the type of player who gets the bonus:

If you are someone who is going to bet frequently, with bet amounts to match your deposit, then there is no problem. It will easily “roll” the value 6 times, and then you can withdraw your eventual profit

But if on the other hand you are a customer who places small bets once a week, you will have serious difficulties in doing so, especially if your bonus amount is high.

For example, if you deposit 100 euros to take advantage of the maximum bonus amount (50), you will have to place 300 euros in bets within 1 month, otherwise you will be without the bonus and without any profit. If you are the type of bettor who only places $5 bets on weekends, you will have to adaUS your first deposit amount in order to get less bonus.

In this particular case, we advise customers to calculate how much they think to place in bets in the first 30 days, and to adaUS the deposit in order to obtain a bonus amount 6 times less than this calculated amount. For example, if you plan to play 60 euros in the first month, make a deposit of 20, get 10 in bonuses and then you have exactly 60 euros to wager before you can withdraw it.

Our verdict: a traditional bonus that turns out to be fair. As long as you pay attention to the deposited amounts, which will give rise to the bonus amount, it is a good choice for any bettor.




Bonus 2: Bet.US (“risk-free” bet up to 25 Euros)

You may have noticed that we put quotes on the risk-free term, as in fact this bet is far from it and we think the bet.en should not use this term, for the sake of transparency. This offer works as follows: Place your first bet, and if you lose, they will refund your bet, but in the form of a bonus.

Then you have to roll the bonus 6 times with minimum odds of 2.00, within 1 month, just like in the case of Betclic.

Well, it would be risk free if the player placed the bet and the money was returned clean, ready to be picked up, and not in the form of bonuses!  But actually what can happen is that you lose your first bet, get 25 euros in bonuses and have to risk 150$ (6×25) in order to withdraw your original 25.

You've probably concluded that you most likely won't make a profit or even get your $25 back from this initial deposit, so the term NO RISK is oUSimistic to say the least (to be nice).

Our verdict: it's not that the bonus is bad in practice, but the use of the term "no risk" is regrettable.




Bonus 3: ESC Online (3 $10 Freebets each)

This is a very different bonus from the traditional one, but quite confusing in terms of requirements. The idea is original: The customer makes the first bet of at least 10 euros with odds greater than 1.7 and receive 3 "freebets" of 10 euros each.

The value of freebets will be separate from the real balance, which is good. In other words, you can withdraw the balance regardless of having used the freebets (at least there is nothing in the terms and conditions that says otherwise).

Then you can use each of these $10 freebets in a single bet (for example, you can't use $5 at a time). if you lose nothing happens. If you win, the freebet becomes a bonus balance. Something confusing, but let's see an example:

The nasty part comes next: Rollover requirements are inexplicably high. ESC Online requires you to wager 30 times the bonus amount to convert it into a normal balance. Such $24 bonus would need $720 in wagers to convert to real money!

But the confusion increases when you introduce a multiplier according to the odds.

This means that if you always place bets with odds greater than 2.21, will convert the bonus into real balance 4 times faster.

Our verdict: good idea, spoiled by confusing terms and conditions and rollover requirements totally out of context. Still, it's a good oUSion that separates the real balance from the bonus balance. But you will probably never be able to meet the rollover requirements if you have a high bonus amount.

ESC Online



Bonus 4: Casino United States (100% up to $100)

By far the biggest bonus of all available at this stage, but is it fairer than the others?

Casino United States doubles the deposit amount, at least $20, and at most $100. And it creates two wallets, real and bonus (just like any other bookmaker).

The big advantage of this bonus over the others is that it has no rollover requirements (Or at least directly). The big disadvantage is that it is only valid for multiples with odds of 1.3 or more in each choice. You can place other types of bets, but in that case you will not use the balance in the bonus wallet.

Then it's simple: for every bet the customer makes (remember, only multiples) 90% of the real balance and 10% of the bonus balance are withdrawn. The amount earned goes to the actual balance. You have 30 days to use the entire bonus amount, after that it "disappears".

Example: if you have $50 in bonuses and you always make bets of $20 each, $2 will be taken from the bonus balance each time, meaning you will need 25 of these bets to spend the entire bonus.

Our verdict: in our opinion, the fairest of all bonuses. The profit from bonus bets immediately goes to the real balance, and if you don't use everything within 30 days, you keep what you already have, even if it comes from bets made with bonuses. The only (big) snag is just being available for multiples. 

Casino United States


As you can see, the bonuses are quite different from each other. Not everything that looks good at first glance is actually profitable. The four USA licensed bookmakers are a perfect example of this: they offer very different bonuses, with very different values ​​and conditions.

Each case is different. Whenever you open an account on a betting site and want to get a bonus, read carefully all its conditions, so you don't have any surprises in the future. It is essential to avoid future disappointment and embarrassment.

If you have any additional questions, leave your comment and we promise to respond as soon as possible.

- All bonuses and campaigns advertised on this site are made available by other companies with which we have advertising partnerships. Since it is not up to us to directly control them, it should always confirm the availability, terms, conditions and expiration dates of promotions before participating in any campaign.

- The information provided by our website has no contractual value and can be changed by partner companies without any prior notice. Although we do our best to keep the information up to date, it's normal to find articles about promotions or bonuses that no longer exist or that have already been changed, that is why it is important to consult the terms and conditions on the betting site you accessed from our links.

- It is rarely possible to reproduce all bonus terms and conditions in our articles. We try to highlight the most important ones, but there are rules and details that are only visible when accessing the promotion in the respective bookmaker.

- Odds or quotas are dynamic variables and in constant update, as well as the quotation of a currency or security, for example. Any number mentioned in an article will only be indicative of the value offered at that exact moment, and has no influence or prediction about the future movement of this value. Remember that odds never have a fixed value over time, unless expressly stated by the bookmaker.

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- IT'S expressly prohibited open an account on gambling, poker or casino sites and participate in any campaign if you have under 18 years old, if you asked for your self-exclusion or if it is legally impeded to bet.

- play in moderation. See our article on Responsible Gaming.




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