to Betano.US is really better than the other legal bookmakers in United States? Super Odds, Missions, Live Stream, Cashout, Android and iOS app are just some of the many attractions of this site. Find out everything in our review.


to Betano is a bookmaker that stands out from the competition for having some of the best odds on the market, together with excellent promotions and bonuses.

If you already know other betting sites in United States, you know that some look like copies of others, as they sometimes use the same platform.

But in the case of Betano, the site is fast, reliable, fluid, and has functions quite different from what you are used to.

Live Stream, Cashout and Real Money Payout Missions are just some of the things you can find. It's the Betano welcome bonus up to 50 euros, for any new customer.

Betano welcome bonus

the bonus of Betane.en is among the best sports betting bonuses in United States. 

All new customers are entitled to 50% of the amount of the first deposit made on the site, up to a limit of 50 euros.

Thus, if you deposit $20, you get $30 to play. If you deposit $100, you get $150.  For deposits of more than $100, the maximum amount is always credited, that is, $50 in bonuses.

To receive the bonus, you don't have to use any promotional code. Just register and fill in the details. at the bottom of the form, pay attention to the small box with the oUSion to receive the bonus, which is normally already selected (see the image below).

When compared to other bonuses from several national bookmakers, the value of the Betano bonus is well above average

The requirements for turning bonuses into real money are also less demanding than usual, making this one of the most interesting proposals for players who do not do without the account opening bonus. 

In addition to this initial promotion, Betano has several others, which we'll talk about below.

If you also want to check bonuses from other betting sites, such as bet.US or Our Bet, see our complete list of bonuses for online sports betting.

open your account now and receive the bonus

keep up to 50 euros more on your first deposit.

Betano app for iOS and Android

Betting from anywhere is easy with Betano. You have two oUSions at your disposal, the mobile site or the Dedicated apps for Android and iOS

When you access it through a common browser, you'll find a site adaUSed to any screen size, plus all the functions you're used to on the desktop site, including live stream, live games and casino games.

But if you prefer the speed of an app, just search for the links on the Betano website, download and install the Betano US app on your Android or Apple device.

There is no cost to install the apps, and to use them you just need a betting account.

The functioning of the apps is very similar to the mobile site, with a few additional functions.

The performance is much better: more fluid and faster than when you open Betano in your browser.

super odds

Have you ever thought about betting without the house having almost any advantage over you?

In selected Betano games you will find the super odds, which are actually zero-margin bets, or very close to it.

This is undoubtedly one of the highlights of the site. In these special games, Betano's odds are second to none, even when compared to unlicensed sites!

There is almost always a game with super odds highlighted on Betano's main page, as you can see in the image below:

In the example above, you can see a game with super odds on Betano. Note that there is an icon at the top right, indicating that this match has almost zero margin odds.

In addition to the game that is usually on the home page, there are others that are not highlighted, but that come always marked by a small icon with the indication "SO", according to the image you can see below.

This icon may be different in the mobile version and in the app, but games with super odds will always have this indication.

A feature that doesn't exist to date is the possibility to filter all games and find the ones with super odds. We hope that Betano will implement this possibility in the near future.

To find out all about this feature, see the full explanation of how Super Odds work.

Games marked with the small red icon in the app or on the mobile site. The icon may vary in color depending on the version you are using.

Betano Missions

No less interesting than the Super Odds are the Betano Missions: a type of promotion where you have the chance to get a Free Bet which, when wagered, pays the profit in full, in real money, including the stake!

If you are used to getting free bets, freebets, or cashbacks, you should know that often the bet amount is not paid together with the profit, and when you receive the profit, you have to bet it a number of times to turn bonuses into money. 

But at Betano this is how it works: the bet has no requirements, and is paid in full in real balance, including the value of the bet itself.  

And how do you have access to the missions? It's quite simple: Betano often launches this type of campaign, which consists of fulfilling a certain requirement, and in return you receive the free bet afterwards.

In the Promotions - Missions Menu, you will find all the promotions active at a certain time. It is important that you click the blue button to participate, otherwise you will not receive the bonus in your account.

As you can see in the image, all you have to do is keep an eye on your account, and access the menu “promotions – missions” to find out if you have any open.

If so, just click on the button "I want to participate". But read carefully the conditions of each mission to find out how to win the Free Bet.

For example, in the case of the mission shown below, the condition would be to make 20 euros in bets on Champions games, with minimum odds of 2.00.

If you managed to complete the task, you would receive a Bet 10 euros to put in any game.

An example: If you put your $10 FullBet on a bet with odds of 2.40 and you won, you would receive, in real money, 24 euros. In most competitors you would only receive the profit, that is, 14 euros. And in many cases this amount would be in bonuses and not real money.

Any smart gambler realizes that this is one of the best promotions they can benefit from, as it pays in real money and not in bonuses, thus avoiding having to comply with very demanding wagering requirements to turn the bonus into real balance.

You can also see our more detailed explanation in the exclusive article we have prepared on Missions.

Bet Mentor

Another of Betano's innovations is the Bet Mentor, a very interesting tool that makes the bettor's job in finding the most suitable bets.

With Bet Mentor, all you have to do is set the amount you want to bet, the amount you hope to win, and with those choices, you get several betting suggestions, adaUSed to your expectations.

Bet Mentor's location is always on the right side of the site on the desktop version, next to the bet slip. On the mobile site, you can find the tool at the top of the sports area, or via the main menu, in the promotions section.

After you have chosen the amount to bet and your profit expectation, Bet Mentor presents several bets, which together return an amount within the limits you set.

 Take a look at the example of the image shown below:  

– There is a button at the bottom of the window to acceUS all suggestions and place a multiple bet with the 4 games chosen by Bet Mentor (red arrow “ALL”).

– There are also links to add only one of the games (red arrows numbered 1 to 4).

– you can add as many games as you want to the bulletin. If you think one of them is not suitable, add the others and leave this one out. 

– For each game, you receive a statistical explanation of why Bet Mentor selected the game. Decide whether or not this is a good reason to bet on this team.

In the case of the image above, BetMentor chose Benfica, because this team has won 14 of the last 16 home games in the knockout phase of the Europa League. 

You don't agree that this is a good reason to bet on Benfica? It's simple: you just have to add the other games individually and leave this out. 

You should not use BetMentor "blindly", without understanding the reasons that lead the tool to suggest certain games.

But, if you're not sure what to bet on, and if you have a limited budget, or an ideal amount of winnings already defined, BetMentor can be very helpful when deciding which games to consider.  

Betting Markets at Betano

The games you can bet on at Betano are more than many, and within those games, there are dozens or even hundreds of different types of bets.

The highlight, as it should be in any bookmaker, is football. Amongst others, games from the following leagues are available:

United States – Premier League

United States – Second League

Spain – La Liga

England – Premier League 

Italy – Series A

France – Turn 1

Germany – Bundesliga 

Brazil – Brasileirão 

UEFA – Champions League and Europa League

In each football game you can place bets not only on the final result, but on many other things, such as half-time result, number of goals, corners, markers, exact result, handicaps and others.

Note the number of topics you can choose from within each meeting. In the case of the image above, no fewer than 26 different markets were available, some of which have multiple oUSions.

But Betano has much more than just football: a number of other sports, such as Basketball, Tennis, Handball, Volleyball, or even less popular competitions in United States, as is the case with Cricket or winter sports.

This is one of the brand's strong points: the wide choice of sports you can find when you are a Betano bettor.

In addition to all these oUSions, you can of course combine several bets into multiples with the potential to generate a lot of profit.

Above, the list with the main sports offered by Betano United States.

live betting

Live betting is the preferred sport of USA players, and Betano has a part of the site dedicated only to this type of bet.

You can bet live on almost every football game, and most other sports.

During any match, you have the possibility to get much more interesting odds than before the match, or even to place a bet contrary to the one you made before, to guarantee profit or minimize loss.

Betano's live gaming interface is simple to access, just click on the corresponding link in the top menu.

You can follow some games through a practical graphical interface, and in some cases you really have live video just a click away. We talk about this topic a little further below.

Cashout: recovers some of the money invested

In those situations where you think it's no longer worth taking a risk, you have the chance to recoup part or all of your initial investment, with the Betano Cashout function.

It is available for most football, basketball, tennis, and other matches, working for both pre-match and live betting.

It's very simple: just check your bulletin if this oUSion appears for your games, and follow the instructions.

Unfortunately, due to regulatory limitations in United States, the maximum amount you can guarantee with the cashout is the initial bet amount. 

For example, if you have placed a bet of 20 euros, you will only be able to withdraw the same 20 euros with the cashout function. It is also possible to acceUS a lower value than the bet, assuming a loss. But you will never be able to receive a value greater than what you bet.  

Live Stream: Live Video for Hundreds of Games

Betting live on Betano has a special extra: the possibility to view the live video of some games.

The condition for you to watch the games is that you have at least 0.$10 in the account or having placed a bet in the last 24 hours.

See all the details about the Live Stream Betano service in our special article.

Finding games that have live stream is very simple: on the desktop site, within the live games, there is a handy link to the calendar of games contemplated by this service, as you can see in the image. 

On the mobile site, the location is roughly the same, within the live games menu, at the top of the screen.

Alternatively, you can search the normal betting list for games that have live stream, as they are properly marked.

A downside of the desktop version compared to the mobile or app version is the fact that it is not possible to maximize the image (at least until the date we wrote this article), and the size of the window is very small. The viewing experience on mobile phones or tablets turns out to be better than on traditional computers.

Betano Casino: for when there's no football

See our main review

Many sports betting customers also end up trying their luck at the excellent Betano Casino, which is currently one of the most sought after in United States.

It has games from the most diverse providers, and exclusive promotions that can also be enjoyed together with sports bonuses.

If you love slots, roulette or blackjack, you can jump into the casino between game breaks.

The account you use for sports betting is the same one you use at a casino, which makes the process of switching between the two functions of the Betano site much easier.

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

Another of Betano's strengths is the good offer of deposit and withdrawal methods.

MBWAY and Multibanco are the most popular among bettors, and by MB WAY you can deposit a minimum of 10 euros and a maximum of 5000 in every transaction. Multibanco has the same minimum limit, but the maximum is 2500 euros.

The other alternatives are very varied, including Visa and Mastercard credit cards, and the recently added Skrill and Neteller. 

All that's missing is Paypal to be able to say that Betano has the full range of payments available in United States.

In the set of all methods, the lowest amount you can put on your account is 5 euros (by credit card).

Withdrawals, only by bank transfer, and there are no commissions to withdraw money from the betting account. The minimum you can withdraw is 20 euros and the maximum 10.000. The withdrawal time, that is, the wait until you have the money in the bank, varies between 1 to 3 business days.

Contacts and customer support

There are several ways to contact Betano, the easiest and fastest by far is the live chat, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Through the small link at the top of the site, you have access to a collaborator available to clarify all your doubts and carry out simple operations on your account. (see example in the image below).

In the tests we performed, the service was practically instantaneous, and the operator's responses were also very fast. Extremely positive note for this detail.

In addition to live chat, there is also the phone, email, and facebook Messenger. The phone line is available from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm, and the number is 308 805 085.

Regarding the email, the contact address is the support @ betano.en , and the answers are just as fast.

And if none of these oUSions are to your liking, you can contact Betano via Facebook Messenger, also available 24 hours.

Company data and security

The Betano website belongs to the company GML Interactive Ltd, based in Malta, which holds licenses nº 017 (casino) and 018 (sport) issued by the SRIJ in United States.

When playing at Betano you are always protected by USA legislation, as the site is fully legalized and regulated by the national gaming inspection body.

Betano has an ISO 27001:2013 certificate, issued by Lloyd’s Register.

GML's address is as follows:

Flat B8, ‘The Atrium’, West Street, Msida, MSD 1731, Malta

Betano official sponsor of Sporting de Braga and Marítimo

Betano, through its own brand and others in the group, sponsors several European clubs, such as Hannover and Stuttgart in Germany, or Olympiacos and PAOK in Greece.

In motorsport, it is a partner of the GT4 South European Series.

It also supports the International Olympic Committee through the IOA.

In the national context, Betano is since 2019 the main sponsor of Sporting de Braga, and also of Marítimo, stamped its brand on the jerseys of the first league football teams.

our opinion

After a few months in which there was practically nothing new in the betting market, two more gaming companies recently arrived in United States, in the space of just a few weeks: Luckia and Betano.

There's not much in common between the two, but what stands out is that both came in full force, offering much more competitive odds than other companies already implemented.

Betano, at an early stage, seems to be the bookmaker with the best odds in United States, and has the ambition to take an important share of the market for itself.

In addition to the obvious investment in odds, Betano's website benefits from a very reliable platform and a structure already tested in other countries, since the brand is licensed in other regulated markets (Germany being one of them).

At numerous innovative promotions, such as Super Odds and Betano Missions, set a new standard for national bookmakers, and opinions have been unanimous: Betano is here to stay.

O live stream service and the app are excellent complements to a site that has very few downsides, being the lack of more deposit methods the biggest one.

Betting with Betano seems like an obvious choice: very complete markets, features different from the competition, varied live stream, fast payouts and above all, the odds.

Betano Quick Questions and Answers (FAQ)

to Betano.US is legal in United States? 

Betano is licensed by the SRIJ to operate sports betting and casino in the country. The site is certified and licensed by the entity that controls the game in United States. Unlike what happens on sites without a license, you can play at Betano with the assurance that it is a regulated and fully legalized activity. 


How to deposit money at Betano?

You can pay at Betano with MB WAY, Multibanco, Visa or Mastercard. All deposits are commission free and available almost immediately. However, Betano still does not have the oUSion to deposit with virtual wallets, such as Paypal, Neteller and Skrill, or through Paysefecard.


How to withdraw money from Betano?

There is only the possibility of bank transfer, to an account that is yours. You will have to present proof of IBAN, to verify that the account is in your name, before receiving any payment, but you only have to verify the account once. There is no withdrawal fee.


It is possible to bet live and watch games at Betano?

With Betano's live streaming service, you have the possibility to watch hundreds of events per week, in a secure environment with no image cuts. You just need to have account balance. It's a much better solution than streams of low quality sites that constantly go down.


Bonus Betano: How It Works?

There are several types of bonuses at Betano, some for sports betting and others for Casino. We suggest that you check our updated reviews and also the brand's website to find out about the current campaigns. At the moment, welcome bonuses are available for both sports and casino.


Betano Cashout: how to receive the money? 

From now on you can bet and benefit from the Betano cashout on several selected games. This feature allows you to reduce your risk during the course of a match, and get back your stake, or part of it, before the game ends (limited to the original stake).


Betano has an app for Android or iOS?

There is a Betano app where you can play sports or casino as if you were on the desktop site. Search the Betano website for the download link. In addition to the apps, you can open the website on any mobile device (mobile phone or tablet) in a perfectly adaUSed way. 

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